I ♥ Design

I love graphic design, industrial design, interior design, architecture, software design and just about every other flavor of design. When I’m not writing for Modern Smart Home or playing trampoline dodgeball, I’m drooling over good design.

Good design is something you don’t always notice. Sometimes it’s flashy and colorful, but other times it fades seamlessly into the background. It’s easy to take the latter for granted.

I like to read about designers and what influences them. I like to discover new designers who are blazing a trail of their own. One of the easiest ways to keep up with my favorite designers is on Instagram. So, from my feed to yours, here are 13 design focused Instagram accounts you need to know:


1. Dezeen

2. Architectural Digest

3. Design Milk

So much good new stuff from @hollisandmorris – see more on designmilk.com ⚡️

A photo posted by Design Milk (@designmilk) on

4. Design Bunker

5. Dwell

6. designboom

7. Canopy

8. Herman Miller

9. Uncrate

The Wheelhouse. Located at 1375 E. 6th Street #6, LA.

A photo posted by Uncrate (@uncrate) on

10. Prodeez

11. The Architecture Hunter


13. Wallpaper*


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